Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Lifetime of Learning

Learning about one' self

Can last a lifetime

What a blessing!

Being open to everything in

Life and the world

With the capacity to learn

There are new discoveries every day

Infinite possibilities

Infinite possibilities about

You, me, them "and other"

I learned something about me today, that

Writing is therapeutic for me

When I feel stressed and out of sorts

My mind, spirit, thought emote

And I write about it

I feel better, afterwards

But more fundamentally

I am grateful to acknowledge a range of

Thought and Emotion

The two schools of philosophical thought

Rational Thought and The Empirical (Experience)

The argument is "which has the greater truth"

I settle the argument with

"A thought, rational or irrational, is an experience

Each is godly and has its specific function in life

Invaluable by mortal men
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