Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ignorance is Bliss

It's a lie

Probably, the worst of all conundrums

It is a term used to falsely justify apathy on the given subject

If you do not know about something, you do not worry about it.

If ignorance is bliss, it is a sad state of affairs

The world, governments and especially the corporate world

Take advantage of ignorance

Of those not being able to think independently

Not being able to read

Not being aware of the actions and realities in the world

Information is power

Sometimes, more powerful than money

American slaveholders and slavery

Sure knew it

As they punched out the eyes

Of a slave caught learning how to read

Ignorance is the negative of everything good and useful

Ignorance is the enemy

And it is the work of HUMANITY

To counteract its destructive effects
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