Friday, June 30, 2017

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Is in Medellin

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But having seen beautiful women around the world

I could not move and stopped walking when I saw her

I recognized her total beauty about half a block away

While strolling through a middle class neighborhood in Medellin

She was flanked on both sides, by her mother and sister

They were holding onto her, lol

As if she could be abducted or kidnapped at any moment

Or sold into slave beauty

I deferred my look, pretending to be confused about something

While saying to myself

“What the f%$#"

Colombian women are just beautiful

San Jose, Costa Rica is no joke either!

I looked in a store in the shopping district at a mannequin in San Jose

Then it moved

I jumped back

And she was amused

There appears to be a beauty outlet in every block of downtown Medellin

With at least 5 to 7 beautiful salesclerk willing to serve you

They know me because I am in there buying stuff!!!


There are no cat calls being made in Medellin

A man is not permitted to look a woman in her eyes

But a woman can look a man in his eyes

There is tremendous respect for women

I saw five men beat a man for roughing up a woman

Who had bumped into his cart of food

As far as Blacks

I am often tempted to walk up to them

And speak English

But they only speak Spanish!

They resemble so much African-Americans

The slave trade was expansive

There is a Black culture in all of Latin America

But the gentleness of Latin America is in everyone

None of that macho man stuff we tolerate in America

It is said that the

Best looking women in Latin America are in Colombia

And the best looking men are in Argentina

Morocco is in contention for absolute beauty and freaks

Dark skinned persons with rusty blonde hair and green eyes

Once again

What the f%$#

Just awed and speechless
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