Monday, June 5, 2017

The Lighter Side of Life

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

A cup of coffee is unique

It is specific

It should be perfect

A hot cup of coffee should be


Not lukewarm

Only I know how  to make my perfect cup of coffee

Just one cup per day for me

Usually at 5 AM every morning

I like it with a little Coffee Mate and sufficient sugar

I hate milk

Real men drink Tequila instead of milk!!!!

When I travel, I have problems with my coffee

Someone else making my coffee is often challenging

The biggest problem is that many are be ANNOYED

That someone could be so specific with such a small thing

Too much cream

Too little cream

Too much sugar

Too little sugar

It is not hot enough

A cup of coffee should be perfect

Considerate vendors will give to you

A black cup of coffee

And on the side, if you wish


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