Monday, June 26, 2017

Integrity of the Faithful Few

The Moral Life of 2017

Our moral lives are under serious attack

The world over

This major attack has occurred within the last 50 years or so

We have lost a great deal of

Compassion, care, sympathy, empathy, concern, 

Sense of wellbeing, respect for others, integrity, justice

Of which speak “the moral life”

In the 60’s, when a single tragedy occurred

Locally, nationally or internationally

It was if the whole world, singularly

Went into a moment of deep reflection and remorse

That could last months

Now and presently

Even with mass murdering and the like

The grieving is seemingly, no more than a day

And we are urged to move on with our lives

Tragedies soon forgotten

Many and including some scientists say

That life is better because of advancing technology

While knowing that

"The human body is the most perfect machine and piece of technology"

Ever in the existence of humanity

Am I missing something here?

Not to mention the new form of immorality, terrorism

Terrorism in all parts of the world

Reckless regard for human life

Thankful that morality and ethics are

A function of LOVE

Love will always remain

For God is Love

They both are eternal

And the integrity of the faithful few will guide them”
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