Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fair Weather Friends

When things are peachy cream, they are there for you
When things are not so well, they disappear

Who needs a fair weather friend?

We all have them

A friend is, indeed, rare

And we use the term so loosely

The term has been modified throughout the ages

And really watered down

If there is a good friend, then there must be a bad friend

Whoever heard of such a thing?

In a lifetime, one is blessed to have, maybe, 3 friends

All the others are “persons we know”

And some are even close associates

The  word “friend” connotes and represents a perfect idea

Unconditional love incarnate

All husbands and wives don’t always suggest friends

And unfortunately and not always

Inspired unconditional love

Oh, to have a friend for all times                                

A forever bridge over troubled water
And I don’t always have to play “strong”
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