Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rejection Is Often a Good Thing

It Started in Costa Rica Three Years Ago, This Month

June 2014

I went there to teach English in San Jose, as a second language

I was given a grueling schedule, but I was going to do it

The day before I was to start

The owner of the school told the supervisor

“Withdraw the Offer” because I appeared to be a

1960's,70's, Angela Davis, Berkeley University, social, political activist, hippy type with long hair

My heart fluttered just for a moment

But what a compliment!!

I have always loved Angela Davis!!

Being rejected                      

Backpackers at my hostel said “backpack and experience travel”

I immediately started and my first city was Granada, Nicaragua  

The rejection led to a most wonderful life experience

Three years’ worth

I have no regrets

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