Thursday, June 22, 2017

Recognizing A Blessing

To be able to recognize a blessing is a gift

So many don’t

So many have a blessing in their hand

Right In their face

And they still don’t see it

We are so conditioned to expect something else

Or something truly specific

In our minds, our heads, our desires, and our thoughts

And even in our hearts

That we often fail to see a blessing when it comes

We hear often

How could she let that good man go!”

"How could he let that good woman go!”

A small blessing is still a blessing

And can be a great blessing

A missed blessing could be

A missed opportunity

A mate

And the person doesn’t have to perfect

Blessings show up in all forms of life

Good health is a blessing and often overlooked

Good friends are a blessing

To be able to walk outside 

Is a blessing

So many can't

Responsible children are a blessing

Having shelter and food are blessings

A job is a blessing

Gratefulness is at the core of missed blessings

To be thankful

To be able to see the world in its current state

And be grateful for what you have in this life

Is the greatest blessing of all

Often, when I am overwhelmed by it all

I will consciously take time to be grateful

For what I have

Count your blessings

And name them one by one

Extremely therapeutic, as well


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