Tuesday, June 20, 2017

She Has a lot of Class

There is a difference between

Class and Style

Style is a function of fashion

Class is a function of moral integrity

We often hear

"She has class or she is a classy person"


"He is a classy guy"

Economic power, education, recognition, neighborhoods

Car, dress style and the list goes on

None of these material possessions

Define class

Money cannot or does not buy class

Many poor people have class

Many rich people don’t have class

One is not born with class

Class is taught and nurtured

A classy person is a person with poise and grace

Class is maturity

Class is gentle, soothing, non-offensive and self-controlled

Class is natural

Class supports morality and ethics

Class is how one perceives the world

Class is never haughty or arrogant

Neither is it superficial or artificial

Class is a positive way of being in the world

Class speaks of and demonstrates integrity and moral dignity

For everyone

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