Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cloudy and Dreary Days

The Cloudy Days of Life

“Rain ,Rain Go Away

Please come back another day”

We want to go outside and play

A song we sang in elementary school

 e rainy and cloudy days of life must come

No one escapes this reality

It’s becomes more relevant in the cycle of life

As simple as rain and clouds ruining a planned picnic

And and so many more serious things

But who doesn’t love a bright sunny day?

However, some people love cloudy, rainy days

A mystique of life

For cloudy days can cause depression

And suicide rates can go up in cloudy cities


A deeper appreciation of life

Can change one’s perspective of dreary days

Every day is a good day

It is just that some days are better than others

And cloudy days are no exception

The people of Medellin Colombia

Taught me this!!!
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