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Greta Van Susteren Fires Back At Jay Carney Over Fox News Comments

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Greta Van Susteren is firing back at White House press secretary Jay Carney after he called out Fox News for its "ridiculous stories" Thursday.
Van Susteren responded to Carney in a blog post Thursday that asked, "White House delusional? obsessed with Fox News Channel? thinks we are the only ones that spotted this BS?" The post was also republished on The Huffington Post.
She was writing in response to comments Carney made while speaking to CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett at George Washington University Thursday. Carney said that the White House under President Barack Obama is more transparent than any past administration, and pointed to the White House releasing records of its visitor logs as an example. The transparency creates "headaches" for the administration, Carney said, and it sometimes leads to "ridiculous stories on Fox News."
Van Susteran suggested that the Obama administration's transparency problem is a "lie," rather than a problem.
"I love to get credit for identifying a falsehood but we are not the only ones," Van Susteren wrote Friday. "I also know the White House likes to blame Fox News for all their problems, but it is NOT just Fox New [sic] that outs the White House about its false claim of transparency. "
Van Susteran also pointed out that both New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and the Associated Press have criticized the Obama administration for secrecy and press restrictions. Jay Carney apparently "forgot to include" them in his claims, Van Susteran wrote.
There's no love lost between the White House and Fox News, who have a history of going after each other in the media. In February, President Obama told Bill O'Reillythat Fox News has "absolutely" been "unfair" to him. Obama added that he believes networks like Fox News "promote" lies about the administration, particularly regarding the September 2012 attack in Benghazi.
(H/T: Newsbusters)
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