Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Picture Is Worth A Billion Words

Young baseball fan can't stop staring at a foul ball. (MLB)

This kid got a foul ball at the Rockies game and his reaction is priceless (Video)

Mike Oz
Big League Stew
Every kid who goes to an MLB game has that moment where he or she hopes to grab a foul ball. Heck, even adults do. When fans get their hands on a ball, the reactions usually range from jumping around to high-fives and fist pumps.
This kid at Monday's San Francisco Giants-Colorado Rockies game, however, was so dumbfounded by actually having an MLB ball in his hand that he couldn't do anything but stare at it. He sat there in awe for a solid 15 seconds at least.
Good stuff, young man. May every fan be as awestruck by the game as you. Credit, also, to the adult fan in front of the kid who appears to have given him the ball. May every fan be as generous as you. 
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