Friday, April 18, 2014

JT's Beauty Shop

April 16, 2014

Hi JT and Mark,

I arrived home safely in Las Cruces ten hours ago. I am happy for my hair, as well as,
I am working on my blog, Provocative Inspiration. I post daily and I missed six days, as well
Give me an extra day to post  JT's Healing Hands Beauty Shop
I want to make it special.
I have been marvelously blessed by the two of you and of course,
JT, you are the healer!.
My self-esteem has returned in a great amount.

God willing, I will always take extra care of my hair
It is beginning to be restored
I spent the few remaining dollars I had left; and bought some Aloe Vera Gel the next day from Walmart.
 I refined certain parts of my hair for an extra touch
I may be fantasizing, but I believe that I see a lot more fuzz in those bald areas!!.
I have several markers that I got my eye on to see if they change over the following weeks

I am already starting to look at air fare tickets for September. We shall see!

JT, I felt your enthusiasm for wanting to help and heal me.
I have the both of you at the top of my prayer list for being so warm and kind to me
And helping me to feel better about myself.

May God bless the both of you


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