Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Love This Teacher For What She Is Doing

New Hampshire substitute teacher Carol Thebarge has been dismissed for not complying with the school's social media policy. (WMUR)

Teacher dismissed after refusing to un-friend students on Facebook
"They've taught me as much as I've taught them," says Carol Thebarge of her students over the past 30 years. A popular substitute in New Hampshire high schools, Thebarge was dismissed this week after refusing to comply with the school's social media policy, which requires teachers to not be friends with students on Facebook. Thebarge, who turns 80 in July, has been on Facebook for five years. Many of her friends are students. Of the school's policy she says, "Where do we draw the line? Do we have the right, as teachers, when we respect our students and our students respect us, to have that relationship... I feel mine is very safe. I have never been inappropriate.... I am like a grandmother to these kids and I am not giving it up." The school superintendent says the policy is to ensure safety, and Thebarge's unwillingness to comply necessitated her dismissal. Find more WMUR - Manchester videos on Yahoo Screen
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