Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Do People Air Their Dirty Laundry.....

TV: Looking for people to come to NYC in need of help

compensation: we pay airfare, hotel, meal money, dna and lie detector tests!

Looking for people who want to confront a family member, friend or spouse over any issue on our show in NYC!

Call 646-701-4873!!!

We cover round-trip flights to NYC, hotel stay, Meal Money, DNA Testing, Lie Detector Testing, Hair and Makeup.

National TV Talk Show in NEW YORK CITY is seeking guests! All of your expenses, up to $2000 including related fees, travel, meals, DNA tests, and lie detector tests- will be covered by the show. Contact us today so we can help you resolve your issues!

Call 646-701-4873

Issues could involve:
- Deadbeat Mom / Dad
- family issues
- Adult/Child DNA
- Bad Parenting (Or out of control daughter/son)
- Issue with Sibling
- Stealing Suspicions
- Resolving a huge feud
- Hating a family members mate

- Molestation accusation's
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