Friday, March 21, 2014

Richie Wants Back In The Dolphins

While it's unlikely the Miami Dolphins will take him back, Richie Incognito does want to continue his NFL career.
He's currently a free agent and while he can sign a contract with any team willing to take a chance on him, he won't be able to play until he undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by NFL-NFL Players Association designated medical advisors,'s Ian Rapoport reports. Their report and recommendation will then be reviewed by commissioner Roger Goodell.
Incognito said he prefers to return to the Dolphins, but told he would be interested in playing for the Raiders as well. Incognito has connections to Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson and offensive line coach Tony Sparano. Olson was the offensive coordinator for the Rams when Incognito was with the club, while Sparano was the head coach in Miami for Incognito's two seasons with the Dolphins.
The offensive lineman was suspended in October because of allegations of bullying against teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito was considered the instigator of hazing toward Martin, according to the 144-page Wells report that was released on Feb. 14.
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