Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Problems Are Not Yours

This response was sent to four of my friends 

Who were assisting me in my problem and still not solved

This recent ordeal has been really a lifetime experience

I have learned so much and most importantly

My faith has become more grounded in the following

In this short life, we are free moral thinking agents

My problems are my problems to solve

Conversely, your problems are your problems to solve

And no one else’s

We may kindly ask the assistance of others in our problem solving

It doesn’t always work out to our satisfaction

For an infinite numbers of human reasons 

The total responsibility is still “mine alone”

Not family, nor friend, nor any close associate

It is my life and my life alone

In the end, I cannot blame anyone else for my unsolved problems

Yet, we, as humans experience myriads of negative emotions

When others fail us

The major emotion is to blame others for not coming through

So wrong

People are innately imperfect

Anything can go wrong at anytime

But there is a more Perfect Being on which we can rely

He has infinite ways to solve human problems

How he solves a problem can be so

Abstractly different from our mortal way of thinking

And in accepting this mind set

We gain a perspective in infinite thinking

One for sure is “interpretation of experiences”

And definitely, to be blessed to participate in infinite thinking

And as I have been inspired

I ask for forgiveness for any negative

Emotion that I may have had
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