Thursday, July 13, 2017

Justice and Injustice are Innate

Justice and Injustice are Innate

How many times have I heard a very young child say

“mom, it’s not fair”

Philosophers equate the idea of justice with fairness

How real is that?

The experiences and emotions of “injustice” are extremely devastating

Injustice has ruined many lives

Injustice should be an affront to every human being

This affront should reign supreme in all of our lives

To ban all forms of it in the world

Injustice eats into moral dignity and what it means to be human

Men who have been imprisoned for 30 years and more

For crimes that they did not commit

It’s not “just a shame”                    

But an affront to everything that is human

And what a tragedy that institutional injustice is still being practiced

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